14-18 November 2023

Set to advance the Philippines’ interests in sustainable and affordable energy transition, financing, deeper health cooperation, digitalization and innovation, and food security cooperation, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. embarks on his third visit to the United States of America (USA) to participate in the 30th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting (AELM) from 15-17 November 2023 in San Francisco, California.

This is the President’s second attendance to the APEC Summit following his inaugural participation in Thailand last year.

The APEC is a regional economic forum established in 1989 to leverage the growing interdependence of the Asia-Pacific region. The 21 APEC Member Economies account for nearly 40 percent of the global population and nearly 50 percent of global trade.

With the United States as host of this year’s Summit, APEC officials met all over the country throughout the year to discuss and roll out the priorities for 2023, which aim to continue the progress made and push for new initiatives that will further connect the region, support innovation and ensure inclusivity.

Under the theme, ‘Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All’, the APEC Summit highlights the commitment to work towards key issues, including supply chain resilience, digital trade, connectivity, opportunities for small and medium enterprises, climate change and environmental sustainability.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), President Marcos Jr.’s APEC participation is important for the Philippines as it served as the country’s primary forum for official engagements with other economies in the Asia-Pacific region.

The DFA further notes that APEC Economies play a significant role in the Philippines, accounting for 85 percent of the country’s total exports and imports, and approximately 56 percent of foreign direct investments (FDIs) that entered the country. In addition, 11 of the Philippines’ top 15 trading partners are APEC Member Economies.

The AELM culminates the APEC Summit where world leaders and stakeholders engage on global issues, focusing on three (3) overarching APEC 2023 policy priorities: Interconnected (to build a resilient, interconnected region that advances broad economic prosperity); Innovative (to enable an innovative environment for a sustainable future); and Inclusive (to affirm an equitable and inclusive future for all).

Following his participation to the AELM, President Marcos Jr. then flies to Los Angeles, California for a Working Visit.

Highlighting the Chief Executive’s trips to San Francisco and Los Angeles are his meetings with the Filipino communities in both cities.

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