The Presidential Broadcast Staff – Radio Television Malacañang (PBS-RTVM), commonly known and referred to as RTVM, was organized in 1986 following the peaceful EDSA people power revolution. Before 1986, the organization that existed was Radio-Television-Movies, an adjunct of the National Media Production Center based in Malacañang. In 1987, Executive Order No. 297 dated 25 July 1987 was signed and issued by President Corazon C. Aquino, creating the Office of the Press Secretary and cites under Section 14 (Attached Agencies) the creation of the Presidential Broadcast Staff – Radio Television Malacañang.

Executive Order No. 297 designates RTVM as the entity with the sole responsibility and exclusive prerogative to decide on policy/operational matters concerning the television medium as it is utilized for the official documentation of all the President’s activities for news dissemination purposes and video archiving.

With the issuance of Executive Order No. 2 of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on 30 June 2022 – Reorganizing and Renaming the Presidential Communications Operations Office and Its Attached Agencies into the Office of the Press Secretary, Abolishing the Office of the Presidential Spokesperson, and For Other Purposes – RTVM is currently placed under the direct supervision and control of the Presidential Management Staff (PMS). It continues to exist for the broadcast needs of the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

As the official and in-house documentation team of the President, RTVM is involved in broadcast coverage, social media streaming, and video documentation of all the activities and engagements of the Chief Executive, either live or delayed telecast/streaming, for news dissemination to government and private media entities, as well as for historical archiving. It also seeks to provide the Presidency, in cooperation with various media entities, with the appropriate media complement in order to keep the Filipino people well informed and updated on the activities, programs and pronouncements of the President and the Executive Branch.

RTVM also produces in-house flagship programs aired on television and/or social media accounts highlighting the development programs of the national leadership benefitting the citizenry.

RTVM is open and working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. Its personnel are among the most dedicated workers in government, reporting for duty in the late hours of the night and the wee hours of the morning – packing heavy broadcast equipment, traveling to wherever duty calls in good roads and in bad. The main strength of the men and women of RTVM is their professionalism – working with minimal supervision and delivering the best product within the required deadline.

Since 1987, RTVM has served the administration of seven (7) Presidents under the leadership of its former and incumbent Executive Directors.

Undersecretary Franz Gerard R. Imperial
Executive Director
Dennis Wilfred P. Pabalan
Virgilio P. Nadal, Jr.
Milton A. Alingod
Jesus Terry Adevoso
Glicerio M. Remonde
Gloria P. Mara
Ramy S. Diez
Maria V. Montelibano