Los Angeles, California
November 18, 2023

“There are approximately four and a half million Filipinos in the United States. Majority are here in Southern California, making this geographic spot in the world the home of the biggest Filipino diaspora in the United States and outside the Philippines,” underscored President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., addressing his countrymen during a Filipino community gathering in Los Angeles, California.

“Given your number and your success, I cannot overemphasize the strength that you can harness to be a force for good – both in your respective communities here in the U.S. and but also for the Philippines,” said the President in his keynote speech, noting that Filipinos frequently rank high in terms of income and educational attainment in many U.S. Census statistics.

He further expressed appreciation for the remittances that overseas Filipinos send to the country, saying that their personal remittances have increased by 2.2 percent.

“The remittances that you are sending back have become very important part of our economy. We have increases every year and it continues to be not only of help, as I said, to your own families, but even to your communities and it helps transform those communities… You have helped our country and people weather some of the most difficult global and regional financial and economic crises for many many years,” he conveyed.

As the Chief Executive reported on the outcomes of his recent participation in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in San Francisco, where he briefed world and business leaders of the current state of the Philippine economy and the exciting trade and investment opportunities awaiting prospective investors, he also shared with his countrymen the improvements and innovations now in place in the country that offer the best tourism experience to Filipinos and visitors alike.

“My dream, and that of the entire Philippine government, the state, is to one day make working overseas just one of your many options available, many options available to our countrymen. But we cannot make this dream come true all by ourselves. We need your support, and we know that you will gladly walk and continue working with us in realizing our goal. After all, your love for our country and people has not been extinguished by the years that you have spent away from your motherland,” President Marcos Jr. remarked.

He called on the Filipino community to continue being ambassadors of Filipino culture, championing the Philippines as a preferred tourism, trade and investment destination in Asia.

“Continue to proudly claim and celebrate your Filipino identity and heritage – teach them to your children, to your grandchildren. Pass on your love of the Philippines to the next generation and the generations after that. They say home is where the heart is, and when they love their Filipino identity as you do, they will always belong to the Philippines, no matter where they might be,” the President concluded in his message.