San Francisco, California
November 15, 2023

“We stand on the cusp of the Artificial Intelligence revolution and promises untold advancements but it also presents some rather unexpected challenges, it hinges on a workforce equipped with the necessary skills and an ecosystem that embraces technological inclusivity. Today, I would like to emphasize the importance of upskilling and training to meet the current and future talent needs and the demands of each industry,” remarked President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. as he engaged on a discussion with key executives and investors from technology companies and venture capitalists during a roundtable meeting in San Francisco, California.

Organized by the global consultant firm, Bain & Company and venture capital firm, NightDragon, the meeting took place to engage firms on how to offer Filipinos access to high-quality training tailored to the skills and jobs in demand, bridging the gap between talent readiness and industry needs. It will not only cultivate a workforce proficient in advanced technologies, but also foster a robust ecosystem for technology and innovation enterprises.

“Currently, the Philippines is embracing this future of AI with the crafting of the National AI Strategy that seeks to augment the existing skillset of Filipino talents with AI. This strategy also aims to position the Philippines as a Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence. We believe AI can uplift the lives of Filipinos, increase the productivity of our enterprises, and enhances the competitiveness of our economy,” President Marcos Jr. further noted, as he expressed optimism towards today’s discussion in helping the Philippines steer roadmaps in the direction that will maximize the skills of Filipinos.

“The Philippines is ready to become your partner in navigating the AI future. As we look to the horizon, let’s ‘Make It Happen in the Philippines,’ where, the promise of a future defined by technological inclusivity and shared growth is not just envisioned but actively realized,” he ended in his message.