Seoul National Cemetery
17 October 2013

President Benigno S. Aquino III led the wreath-laying and offering of incense at the Memorial Tower in Seoul National Cemetery in Dongjak-gu.

He was welcomed by Superintendent Kim Hyung-ki and was accompanied by the Philippine delegation in paying a silent tribute for all war veterans, patriots, presidents, generals and other fallen heroes during the Korean independence movement, Korean War, and Vietnam War.

The tower symbolizes the Seoul National Cemetery, a nation’s sanctuary dedicated to heroes who sacrificed themselves for the country. Inside it is the Memorial Tablet Enshrinement Hall that houses the memorial tablets of 104,000 soldiers whose bodies were never found and the remains of 7,000 unknown soldiers who died during the Korean War.

The Seoul National Cemetery is the country’s only national cemetery established in 1956 by President Syng-man Rhee. It is visited annually by two millions worshippers including ordinary citizens, students, social organizations and foreigners, as well as bereaved families.

Rhee Syng-man, first President of the Republic of Korea; Park Chung-hee, who laid the foundation for the nation’s rapid economic development; and Kim Dae-Jung, who furthered the democratization of Korea, are buried at Seoul National Cemetery.

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