WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Manila
08 April 2013

“President Aquino is not a medical doctor nor a public health specialist, but what he has achieved is beyond what any doctor or public health expert could have done. He has shown perseverance in pursuing better health and courageously pursued health policies that will literally save millions of lives.”

World Health Organization Regional Director for the Western Pacific Dr. Shin Young-soo gave this praise to President Benigno S. Aquino III during the World Health Day 2013 celebration in Manila.

In his statement, President Aquino said, “proper nutrition, proper access to healthcare and opportunity to build a dignified life should not be reserved only for those who have the means to pay it. If we are to build a true regime of opportunities, then the most fundamental freedom is freedom from hunger.”

Philippine healthcare reform is already in progress with the implementation of the Universal Health Care and No Balance Billing policy in government hospitals. The program is being reinforced after the President signed into law the Responsible Parenthood and Sin Tax Reform Acts.

This year’s theme of the World Health Day is ‘high blood pressure or hypertension’, the silent and invisible killer linked to many noncommunicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and respiratory illness responsible for about 63% of deaths in the world.

WHO is the world’s leading health authority and an organization created to help individual countries achieve better health using the world’s collective expertise.

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