President’s Hall, Malacañang
December 12, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte hosted a dinner for the members of The Wallace Business Forum with its founder and owner, Australian businessman-turned-Filipino citizen Peter Wallace, at the President’s Hall in Malacañang.

“Let me dwell on what I promised to the people of the Republic of the Philippines. I said that I will end corruption and I’m doing everything,” said the President in his speech, adding that one of the services that he had worked is the launching of the 24-hour ‘8888’citizen hotline for complaints on corruption, underperforming employees, and red tape in the government.

“Tell me what the problem is, text it, I will read it. …Tell me about your complaints and I will act immediately,” he said.

Speaking about the worsening illegal drug problems in the country and the administration’s measures to counter these, President Duterte once again showed a printed document with the profiles of suspected illegal drug users and dealers across the country.

“I provided the Speaker (House) and the Senate President and I said it is beyond me…’Di ko kaya. Were it not for the good soul, a Chinese philanthropist-billionaire, I would not have the rehab center,” President Duterte said, referring to the newly constructed mega drug rehabilitation center in Nueva Ecija donated by the Chinese tycoon, Mr. Huang Ru Lun.

Following his keynote address, Mr. Wallace moderated the business forum. One of the questions for the President was about the concerns of some investors from the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry about the administration’s investment policies and incentive structure.

The Chief Executive responded that “There will be changes for the better…I am a lawyer and I believe in free enterprise…About the outsourcing there, I would even guarantee to you that the Philippines would honor its contractual obligations.”

Mr. Wallace has lived in the country for nearly 40 years and has been granted Filipino citizenship for his contributions to the local business community.

President Duterte last met the businessman in a meeting in Malacañang in November.

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