Davao City
November 24, 2016

After his arrival from Peru, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte paid a visit to the grave of his father, former Davao Governor Vicente Duterte, and commemorated the latter’s 105th birth anniversary at the Wireless Cemetery (Roman Catholic Cemetery) in Davao City.

The President offered his prayers and lit some candles in the grave site of his father. Afterwards, he took some questions from the media, wherein he stated that he would like to limit his foreign visits for next year, but would prioritize his promise to visit Russia and China to strengthen the Philippines’ economic ties with the two nations.

He shared his plans for the modernization of military and police equipment that would be imported from countries like Russia and China. He also said that both countries offered the Philippines more affordable prices for such equipment payable in terms.

With the Christmas season approaching, the Chief Executive stressed his reconsideration on the use of firecrackers and pyrotechnics, and encouraged all Filipinos to practice safety and precaution, adding that the least he can do now is to issue a warning. But by 2017, a national firecracker ban will be implemented.

“I’d like to put on notice to everybody that I am seriously considering of making the entire Philippines (for the year 2017) like Davao, we observe Christmas time with solemnity,” the President said.

This follows a number of fatal incidents caused by the use of firecrackers that averages around 600 serious cases, which the government aims to lessen and prevent. President Duterte requested Congress to initiate measures on this concern, otherwise, an Executive Order will be issued.

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