North Signal Village, Taguig City
November 21, 2019

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte honored the Taguigeño senior citizens’ sacrifices and years of contribution to nation-building in his visit at the Taguig City Center for the Elderly in North Signal Village, Taguig City.

The President, a senior citizen himself at the age of 74, expressed that senior citizens are an integral part in Filipino families, and deserve the utmost care for their unwavering will to provide all forms of support for their families during their prime and productive years.

“The Filipino elderly are indeed close to my heart not only because I am one of them, but especially because I understand how much effort they exert just to give their children a better life,” said President Duterte, as he shared before the elderlies a little story about the death of his father, Vicente Duterte and how his mother, Soledad Duterte, was afflicted with depression after his father’s passing.

The President conveyed his heartfelt message by quoting passages from Ecclesiastes 3 of the Bible, which his late mother taught him to read.

“There is a time for happiness, there is a time for sorrow. As there is a time for plenty, and there is a time for want. And there is a time for joy and a time to ponder and a time to be healthy — aabot ka niyan walang sakit for a longest time, then as you grow old, a time to be sickly,” he imparted.

The Chief Executive thanked the City Government of Taguig for taking the initiative to provide a wellness hub for its elderly constituents, as well as urged other local government units (LGUs) to emulate what the government of Taguig has accomplished for its city.

“I join the City Government of Taguig in its mission to alleviate the plight of the elderly population. As one of the country’s highly urbanized cities, I give due recognition (to) its efforts in securing the welfare of this vulnerable sector,” President Duterte added as he pointed out that the Center for the Elderly will help them endure old age and continue to be productive throughout the years.

“Our parents, our grandfathers, our grandmothers went through a lot of trials and tribulations, and all that we, in government, can do is to show concern by making their lives easier through accessible medical services, reliable financial assistance, and worthwhile recreational facilities,” President Duterte ended.

The five-storey wellness hub for Taguigeño senior citizens was opened last April, and features a therapy pool, a massage room, two saunas, a yoga room, a gym, and cinema for relaxation purposes. It also comes with a dialysis center to accommodate 15 patients at a time, and a multi-purpose hall for city programs and recreational activities.