Silang, Cavite
November 3, 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III lauded the determination of The Sisters of Mary Girlstown students in pursuing their education despite the challenges that they face during his visit at their campus in Biga, Silang, Cavite.

In his statement, President Aquino said that they do not only give hope for themselves but for their families as well. According to him, the students are living proof that Filipinos will do everything that they can to contribute to the transformation of society, whatever state they are in, if given an opportunity.

However, he warned the students of what they have to face outside the confines of the campus but added that the challenges can be overcome with humility and great faith.  The President said that the education and training they are learning in the campus are the initial steps to achieving their dreams.

President Aquino also thanked the teachers and benefactors of the school for their efforts in providing a better future to the young and the poor.

The Sisters of Mary Girlstown and Boystown started in 1985 and has since provided the best education for poor but deserving students. It originally started with 15 students who were either suffering from tuberculosis or detainees.  Now it has four campuses that house 11,000 students.  The school provides free education as well as basic needs like food, shelter and clothes through the generosity of kind-hearted people.

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