June 1, 2022

USWAG, Pinas! Duterte Legacy is a special series that highlights the key achievements of the Duterte Administration for the past six (6) years and how these significantly impact the daily lives of the Filipino people.

Tonight’s episode revisits the dark days of the Islamic City of Marawi and the ongoing rehabilitation since the Commander-in-Chief declared its liberation from terrorist influence in October 2017.  Testaments from our brothers and sisters in the Bangsamoro Region on the observed developments since the establishment of Bangsamoro Organic Law are also highlighted. 

This is geared towards attaining the promise of ‘Tunay na Pagbabago’ — put an end to decades of armed struggle in Muslim Mindanao, open a wide array of opportunities in various sectors, improve the standard of living in the area, and provide a more comfortable life for all.

* * *