May 31, 2022

USWAG, Pinas! Duterte Legacy is a special series that highlights the key achievements of the Duterte Administration for the past six (6) years and how these significantly impact the daily lives of the Filipino people.

Tonight’s episode tells the plight of Mr. Roderick Aguinaldo, a former overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in the Kingdom of Bahrain, who was put on death row in 2016 and given royal pardon through the unyielding efforts of the national government. His situation is one of the many factors that pushed the Duterte Administration to campaign for various labor reforms that would benefit the OFWs, especially those in the Middle East.

For years even before he started his Presidency, President Duterte has been known to promote the safety and welfare of OFWs through different projects and programs benefitting his ‘kababayans’ whom he calls our modern-day heroes.

* * *