Lima Technology Center, Malvar, Batangas
20 July 2015

President Benigno S. Aquino III led the unveiling of the inaugural marker of the APO Production Unit Inc. High Security Printing Plant and the live demonstration of the new ePassport system in Malvar, Batangas.

After unveiling the inaugural marker, President Aquino proceeded inside the high security printing plant for a tour and inspection of its production facilities. He then underwent the entire passport enrollment process to demonstrate how quick and easy it is under the new ePassport system.

The new ePassport system will ensure that all booklets are tamper-proof and secured. Its computer technology secures the authenticity of the identity of the passport holder. It is a world class standard travel document recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

During the program, President Aquino lauded APO for its efforts and improvements for the past five years, and eventually fulfilling its mandate and contributing to the country’s funds. In fact, in 2014, APO remitted a total of PHP 2.7 million to the Philippine government. The President also commended APO in pursuing more complex printing tasks such as the printing of the tax excise stamps of the Bureau of Internal Revenue which is sealed in every cigarette pack sold in the country. This ensures that all sin taxes are paid by the cigarette manufacturers to the government.

“I am certainly looking forward to seeing this plant’s operations in full swing, so that the rest of the country can benefit from APO’s services,” the President said.

*  *  *