Doha, Qatar
April 12, 2017

Adorned by modern skycrapers with relaxing green surroundings, the Doha Corniche is undeniably the most attractive part of the city. The stretch is actually a curve-shaped boulevard that runs 7 kilometers through Doha Bay and the sea-front, giving tourists a breath of cool breeze.

The place is a favorite hang-out spot for joggers, skaters, bikers and people who simply love to stroll and feel the sea breeze. The Corniche Street is the main passageway that runs parallel to the Corniche, connecting Doha’s blooming West Bay business district to the southern part of the city.

Apart from surrounding modernistic buildings, the Doha Corniche is aesthetically lined with hotels and structural masterperpieces like parks with children’s play area, government buildings, patches of green lawns and other significant landmarks, including the Museum of Islamic Art and the Qatar National Theatre.

The best time to visit is at night time, where sightseers can enjoy the evening with a jaw-dropping view of the Doha skyline and other illuminated monuments around the boulevard. The corniche is only 15 minutes walking distance from the arrival terminal of the Doha International Airport.

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