Ferdinand E. Marcos Memorial Stadium, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
February 24, 2023

“I assure you that the government’s commitment to strengthen the domestic tourism industry remains a top priority,” President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. reiterated as he joined thousands of Ilocanos in showcasing the Province of Ilocos Norte’s rich history, culture and tradition during the ‘Tan-ok ni Ilocano 2023: The Festival of Festivals.’

Three years since it last staged the festivities because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the President expressed delight and acknowledged the Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte for bringing Filipinos to the cultural event, as well as in showcasing the best of Ilocanos through colorful performances and art forms.

“Here we are today, holding our heads up high ready to usher in a new era not only for our province but for the entire country as well,” remarked the President.

He highlighted the festival’s importance in stimulating economic activities in the Province that supports Ilocano families by “driving tourism-related industries and sustaining local livelihoods.”

The Chief Executive called on his countrymen to partake in government efforts to restore vibrancy in tourism to pre-pandemic levels, noting that the Administration is open to ‘fresh and innovative ideas to help propel the tourism sector.’

“As we commence this joyous occasion, it is my hope that you will respond to the Administration’s call for participating in the rewarding yet challenging tasks ahead,” encouraged President Marcos Jr., noting that all must work together towards a brighter and better Ilocos for present and future generations.

This year’s Tan-ok ni Ilocano or ‘The Greatness of Ilocano’ highlights the celebration of the 205th Founding Anniversary of Ilocos Norte.

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