3rd Infantry Division Headquarters, Camp Gen. Macario B. Peralta Jr., Jamindan, Capiz
August 5, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte talked to the troops of the 3rd Infantry Division about the administration’s efforts to provide better equipment and infrastructures to the Philippine Army (PA) at Camp Gen. Macario B. Peralta Jr., Jamindan, Capiz.

“Lahat ng kailangan ninyo… to fight the enemies of the state… We’ll acquire so many things… U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry leaving the Philippines with $32 million… hatiin ko sa inyo saka sa pulis,” President Duterte said.

He emphasized the importance of the lives of Filipino soldiers against enemies of the state, saying, “I will not order you to fight na disadvantaged… Only when I think we are in the advantage… with the weapons, with the assets, papasok tayo.”

The President also talked about helping disabled soldiers transition into civilian life. He said that he would help them “learn English, voice and diction. Tapos improve on your grammar. Ipasok ko kayo sa call centers.”

He added, “Yung edukasyon ng pamilya ninyo libre na. Nearest school to your residence… kindergarten to high school. College, scholarship tayo, yung mga bright.”

President Duterte also talked about what the PA can do to help with the country’s war against drugs.

“There will be no let-up until we have destroyed the apparatus of the drug front… There are about 600 confirmed addicts, kaya I have ordered you to provide the space,“ the President said.

He added, “They will undergo rehab… Ilalayo ko lang talaga ‘cause they pose a danger to society,” citing his desire to separate extreme cases of drug addiction from the rest of the country.

He ended his speech by asking the Filipino soldiers to trust him, saying, “In all of the things that you do, upon orders of your commanders in the performance of your duty, do it. Huwag kayo matakot.”

* * *