Camp Mateo Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal
August 24, 2016

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte affirmed anew his constant support to the men and women of the military in the Philippines, vowing to uplift and boost their morality and capabilities.

Speaking before the soldiers of the 2nd Infantry Division Headquarters of the Philippine Army (PA) in Camp Capinpin, Tanay, Rizal, President Duterte expressed his unwavering encouragement to both soldiers and the police force, saying he is for their personal growth, peace and safety.

“I’m a great believer na kapag matatag ang military ko at matatag iyong ating mga pulis at may dedication sa trabaho, lalago ang ating bayan. I said I am here to guarantee you, to tell you, that you have my undying support para sa kabutihan o kapayapaan ninyo,” the Commander-in-Chief said.

Putting his support into action, the President reported that by the end of the month, soldiers would receive an incremental increase in their salary, doubling it once completed by the end of the year. He also promised them quality services and weaponries, saying, “dito sa military, I have served notice and I will take full responsibility for it na hindi ako bibili ng mga armas na maski saan-saan lang.”

Moreover, President Duterte addressed China on the recent ruling of the United Nations (UN) Arbitral Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands over the disputed territories in the South China Sea, asking them for their plans on the decision made.

The President made it clear that the arbitral judgment would be insisted not only by the Philippines but also by other countries in the Southeast Asian region that have their own claims in the disputed waters.

“I hope China is dealing with us in good faith. They seem to be conciliatory, but we are not insisting in the arbitral judgment,” he said.

However, the President reiterated that he wants a peaceful resolution in the ongoing conflict, saying he would do whatever it takes to achieve this.

“We do not want a quarrel. I would walk the extra mile to ask for peace to everybody,” President Duterte stated.

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