Plaza de Cibeles

Madrid, Spain 13 September 2014 The colossal Cibeles fountain has become a Madrid icon. This monument shows Cybele, the Greek goddess of fertility and nature. It has lions around around her that symbolizes the power of nature. It was designed by Ventura Rodriguez and originally stood outside the Prado Museum, Madrid’s national museum.  *  * continue reading : Plaza de Cibeles

Interview with Ambassador Carlos C. Salinas

Madrid, Spain 12 September 2014 Topics: a. Overview on the recent developments on the Philippines-Spain diplomatic relations/bilateral ties. b. Highlights of President Benigno S. Aquino’s visit to Madrid. c. The Philippines and Spain’s agreements on education. d. The Spanish government’s assistance to the Philippines e. The Filipino community in Spain *  *  *

Networking with the Philippine Business Delegation

Madrid, Spain 14 September 2014 After a series of business meetings, President Benigno S. Aquino III joined the Filipino and Spanish businessmen in a networking event at the Intercontinental Hotel Madrid. He encouraged the foreign entrepreneurs to invest in the Philippines mentioning that the country gains significant economic achievements. The President proudly stated that the continue reading : Networking with the Philippine Business Delegation