Advancer # 3

Brussels, Belgium 14 September 2014 Folk Village Event – on this Sunday (14 September 2014), a local festival featuring a display of “giants,” dancing and a parade of folk villagers was held on the street fronting the Notre Dame de la Chapelle (Our Lady of the Chapel) in Brussels. Parc du Cinquantenaire – also known continue reading : Advancer # 3

Interview with Enrie Pimentel

Brussels, Belgium 12 September 2014 One of the pioneer Filipina nurses in Belgium who was assigned in the so-called “dying hospital” when she first came to the country. Through her and the other Filipina nurses’ TLC (tender loving care) to their patients, the hospital eventually improved its services and recovered its reputation. *  *  *

Advancer # 2

Brussels, Belgium 12 September 2014 1. Philippine Embassy in Brussels – official name is the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Mission of the Philippines to the European Union. It was established on 1964, the same year that diplomatic relations between the continue reading : Advancer # 2