State Guest House, Blue House
17 October 2013

A state banquet was given in honor of President Benigno S. Aquino III by the Korean government as a culminating activity to the formal meetings held with South Korean President Park Geun-hye.

President Park offered her sincere welcome to President Aquino as the first leader to pay a state visit to Korea since her government was inaugurated.

According to her, they were able to significantly expand the trust and understanding about the journey of both countries toward a new future for development. She said that the events of today mark the beginning of deeper ties of friendship between the two countries and a happier future awaits the people.

In his toast remarks, President Aquino thanked President Park and the people of Korea for the welcome they have shown not only to him but also to almost fifty thousand Filipinos living in their country.

“Just as my countrymen have experienced your kindness and generosity, I am confident that your countrymen in the Philippines are experiencing the kind of hospitality and friendship that are characteristic of the Filipino nation,” President Aquino said.

He also expressed his hope that President Park finds the resilience and strength to guide her people toward a more vibrant future for Korea.

The state dinner also included cultural performances that blend Korean and Philippine music, from the traditional to jazz and pop. Among those who performed are the Ensemble Sinawi, Philippine soprano Rachelle Gerodias, NY Quartet, world-famous jazz saxophonist Alvin Cornista and K-pop artist Ailee.

*  *  *