Tokyo, Japan
May 27, 2019

Surrounded by high-rise buildings, fashion boutiques, and stores of various kinds, the Shibuya Station is considered as one of the busiest spots and rail hubs in Tokyo that continually attracts a great volume of crowd on a daily basis.

Aside from its ceaseless nightlife and vibrant throng of people mostly clad in their distinct fashion statements, it is also known for its Shibuya crossing, a famous pedestrian scramble considered as one of the busiest thoroughfares in Japan. This street became one of the favorite subjects for long exposure photography because of its non-stop movement of people and vehicles in the area.

Another part of the Shibuya Station is the famous Hachiko’s statue that has drawn a great number of tourists who come to see and take a photo with the figure of a dog esteemed for its story of loyalty to its owner.

* * *