Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan
May 27, 2019

Located at the Asakusa district, the Sensō-ji — also known as Asakusa Kannon Temple — is considered as Tokyo’s oldest and most visited Buddhist temple that attracts millions of tourists each year because of its five-story pagoda, imposing gates, vibrant stalls of shops and stores, and free access.

Welcoming the visitors and tourists at the entrance gate is an enormous hanging red lantern known as the Thunder Gate or the Kaminarimon. Behind the gate is the Nakamise-dori or a shopping street of more than 200 meters which offers a variety of local snacks and souvenir items. This long line of stores leads to the main temple building.

The temple, built as a dedication to Kannon, Buddhist Goddess of mercy and compassion, has become a must-see spot in Tokyo for local and foreign visitors alike.

* * *