Malacanan Palace
2 December 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III reminded everyone that the government is working hard to rid the Philippines of corruption during his speech at the 2nd State Conference on United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Implementation and Review held in Malacañan Palace.

The conference aims to strengthen the international commitment of the Philippines on the United Nations’ advocacy against corruption.

In his speech, President Aquino recalled the challenges and success over the past five years that his administration had gone through, knowing that only 6.5% of the 2010 budget was left when he took office.

“Indeed: so much progress has been made in our drive to weed out corruption in government, and in so doing, better our capacity to serve the people,” the President said.

Representatives from the World Bank, United Nations and other development partners of the Philippines were also present in the event.

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