Ref. # 2232312

Title: Supply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of Structured Cabling for RTVM
Area of Delivery: PBS-RTVM, MANILA
Solicitation Number: 05-318-13
Approved Budget for the Contract: Php 490,600.00
Delivery Period: 30 days
Closing Date for Submission of Quotation
May 31, 2013, 1:00PM

Project Description:    

Supply of labor and materials for the delivery, installation, commissioning and testing of a structured cabling solution for 96 information outlets/nodes covering two (2) floors of RTVM building which must be alternately used for voice, video and data applications depending on the needs of the end-users. The structured cabling and components and implementation methodology must conform to International and Local Standards.

General Technical Specifications:
* The structured cabling system to be implemented must be an end to end solution utilizing Cat5e cables and components.
* The structured cabling solution is not limited to the following:
a) Cabinet with Lock, Fans and Power Strp
b) Integrated Cable Management
c) Patch Panels
d) Patch Cords
e) Information/Telecom Outlets
f) PVC Moldings, Conduits and Fittings
g) Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Testing

The work includes but not limited to the following:
a) Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of Structured Cabling and Components.
b) Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of PVC conduits, moldings, pull boxes and fittings for Structured Cabling.
c) Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of Main Distribution Cabinet
d) End to end testing and certification of Structured Cabling and components.
e) Cleaning, repainting and restoration of affected areas.”

Estimated Materials:
11 rolls 4-pair Cat5e Cable
4 pcs    24 ports Patch Panel Cat5e
48 pcs    Dual Port Faceplate
96 pcs    Information Outlet Cat5e
4 pcs     1U Cable Management
1 pc       Close Cabinet with Lock, Fans and Power Strip
149 pcs     2.0 Meter Cat5e Patch Cord
1 lot       Installation, Commissioning, Testing and Local Materials

1. Ocular Site Inspection for participating suppliers together with RTVM authorized representative/s will be conducted on May 29, 2013, 10:00 AM only.
2. Interested Suppliers must have local support with qualified personnel to install the structured cabling and its components.
3. Interested Suppliers must submit eligibility requirements together with his price proposal and work implementation schedule and/or project timeline in sealed envelope addressed to the BAC Chairman. Completed Similar Projects to be submitted must be within three years reckoned from May 29, 2013 and equivalent to at least 50% of the ABC.
4. It will be the Supplier/Contractor’s responsibility to secure a written clearance and approval from the Presidential Security Group for the work implementation within three days upon receipt of Notice of Award.
5. Warranty shall cover all supplied items and services for a period of 4 years upon Final Acceptance by the Head of the Procuring Entity.