REPORT KAY BOSS replaced the 30-minute PULSONG PINOY program that aired its final episode in March 2013.

The one-hour monthly TV program focuses on President Aquino’s achievements through governments programs and projects as the administration moves on its third year.

It is composed of the following segments:

A fast-paced news info on the President’s schedule with an average of five to seven summaries to highlight the positive results from the regular presidential engagements and meetings, investment updates, courtesy calls etc.

The segment  tackles the latest buzzworthy government programs and projects to inform the public of its agenda and priority projects with a 7 to 10-minute running time.

A feature-type show that highlights the country’s top tourist destinations, festivals, treasured culture and traditions plus tackling issues that goes with  the promotion of the country’s unique identity and heritage. It also aims to carry out the Dept. of Tourism’s campaign “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” and highlight the best tourist destinations and heritage. Running time: 7 to 10 minutes.

A documentary that features exemplary Filipinos who have displayed strong commitment to support government programs in reawakening the spirit of ‘bayanihan’ towards nation-building. It showcases public-private partnership programs, inspirational stories, and institutions, organizations or ordinary Filipinos trying to make a difference for the country.

Public Service Billboard
A short public service advertisement or announcement in between gaps for further dissemination of government hotline phone numbers and other public service communications.

* * *