Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Pasay City
October 5, 2022

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. graced the President’s Night of the Manila Overseas Press Club (MOPC) at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Pasay City.

The Chief Executive emphasized the government’s focus on “its agenda of strengthening public-private partnerships and sustaining the robust infrastructure initiatives of my predecessor with our very own flagship and I think it was described Build Better More Infrastructure Agenda.” He added, “We need efficient infrastructure systems to serve as the backbone of the economy.”

He reiterated the government’s goal for “every Filipino and every island in this archipelago to have an environment and the tools that will enable them to go beyond surviving each day.”

“We want our people to dream, to develop their talents, to explore the beauty of the country and of the world, and most especially, lead meaningful lives, and have in their heart a hope for the future,” he stated in his message.

President Marcos Jr. further assured his support to the MOPC on the significance of upholding the universal right to free speech and press freedom by protecting their rights so they can perform their duties to the Filipino nation efficiently. He also urged the press, considered as the ‘fourth state of democracy’, to work hand in hand with the government in order to relay and communicate accurate information to the public.

He also highlighted the crucial role of the press, including the MOPC, in building a well-informed Filipino citizenry and increasing their awareness towards various issues that affect not only the Philippines but also the world.

The President answered some questions after delivering his speech.