Malacañan Palace
10 June 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III received ten non-resident ambassadors during their presentation of credentials in Malacañang.

In his statement, the President said that the reason why countries deepen their bonds with each other is to ensure that the people will have the resources to live a dignified life and develop their skills so that they can provide a better future for their families.

He added that in this present age, no nation can exist in a vacuum, thus each country has to acknowledge interdependence with one another and work shoulder to shoulder to promote stability for the development of other countries, citing as an example the development undergone by the Philippines through the reforms made by the government that was empowered by the people.

Furthermore, President Aquino emphasized the value of partnership that serves the people in the best manner possible.

The non-resident Ambassadors who presented their credentials to the President were the following:

            1) H.E Thomas Kijiner — Marshall Islands

            2) H.E. Betty Grace Akech-Okullo – Uganda

            3) H.E. Senkoun Sylla – Guinea

            4)  H.E. Pantelakis D. Eliades – Cyprus

            5) H.E. Clifford Borg-Marks – Malta

            6) H.E. Andres Unga – Estonia

            7) H.E. Michal Slivovic — Slovak Republic

            8) H.E. Raiza Vardanyan – Armenia

            9) H.E. Hannes  Heimisson – Iceland

            10)  H.E. Clement Phillip Ricardo Allicock — Jamaica


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