Malacañan Palace
October 5, 2023

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. received the letter of credence from His Excellency Kwacha Chisiza, Non-Resident Ambassador-Designate of the Republic of Malawi to the Philippines, in a ceremony in Malacañan Palace.

In his brief message, the Malawian envoy extended his deepest appreciation for the warm welcome, which is typical of the Filipino hospitality, bestowed on him since his arrival in the Philippines. He also emphasized the shared moral values of democracy, freedom and justice, and reaffirmed his commitment to deepen and expand the scope of cooperation in advancing the common goals of both countries and their peoples.

Furthermore, he invited the Filipino business community to invest in Malawi in various areas of trade, such as mining, agriculture, energy, tourism, health and education, among others.

In response, the Chief Executive expressed his commitment to foster stronger bilateral ties, giving his assurance that the partnerships would be a continuation of the growing diplomatic relations. He also underscored the importance of alliances despite the distance, adding that Malawi’s priority sectors align with the Philippines’ priority areas that provide a good direction for future collaborations.

Diplomatic relations between Philippines and the Malawi were established on May 3, 2001. Since then, the two countries have engaged in trade with a total trade volume exceeding US$1,010,422 in 2020. This include a total export value of US$11,632 to the Philippines.

As of 2021, there are 41 Filipinos residing in Malawi.