Malacañan Palace
March 23, 2023

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. received the credential letters of His Excellency Alvaro Domingo Jara Bucarey, Ambassador of the Republic of Chile to the Philippines, in a ceremony at the Reception Hall in Malacañan Palace.

In brief remarks, Ambassador Bucarey highlighted key areas that he plans to pursue during his diplomatic post in the Philippines. These include strengthening bilateral trade and investments between the two countries, as well as deepening bilateral cooperation in areas concerning natural disasters and risk management, education, culture, mining, energy and climate change, among others.

“This is an immense privilege for me that this is my first Ambassadorship and it is precisely here in the Philippines. I will work tirelessly with the government officials, the business sector and civil society, and travel to the regions to get to know the people of the Philippines to strengthen our bilateral relations,” said the Ambassador.

In response, President Marcos Jr. welcomed Ambassador Bucarey and acknowledged the close ties between the two countries, spanning 76 years of bilateral relations despite the geographical distance.

Prior to his appointment, Ambassador Bucarey served as Minister Counsellor at the Embassy of Chile in Belgium/Mission of Chile to the European Union (EU).

He replaced former Chile Ambassador Claudio Rojas Rachel who concluded his diplomatic mission to the Philippines in November 2022.