Music Room, Malacañang
November 3, 2016

President Rodrigo Duterte personally received a portrait of himself fervently praying over the tomb of his parents from Architect Jose ‘Pepe’ Aguilos Jr. in Malacañang.

The President commented that when he saw the painting, he initially thought it was a mere photograph. He then narrated the story of his visit at the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Davao City right after the grueling months of his presidential campaign and eventually winning the elections.

According to Aguilos’ nephew, Dr. Danilo David, his uncle did the painting because he was inspired by President Duterte’s image as a strong man yet the moment showed his true inner character – his vulnerability and the softness of his heart.

President Duterte thanked Aguilos and expressed his hope that the painting would last him three generations to remind them of what he went through before he became president.

Aguilos is 86 years old and a former dean of the College of Architecture and Fine Arts of the Far Eastern University of Manila.

*  *  *