Malacañan Palace
30 April 2013

President Benigno S. Aquino III challenged the workers and investors to celebrate the Labor Day as a commemoration of the Filipino workers’ toil for making a productive year, as he led the Pre-Labor Day Dialogue with various labor groups and other government agencies.

In his response to the labor issues presented by the participating groups, President Aquino mentioned that solutions will arise in a long-term basis. But he insisted that the administration is working on its goals to sustain and generate jobs, to enhance the skills of the workers and to implement laws for the security and protection of these workers.

The President cited a few of the actions that had been taken to resolve some of the country’s labor problems today, such as the implementation of the market information service to avoid job mismatch, the allocation of P900 million for the Training for Work Scholarship Program (TWSP) and the Private Education Student Financial Assistance Program (PESFA), and the signing of Executive Order 134 and 135 to balance the Employees Compensation Benefits for the private and public sectors.

Attendees of the event were Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz, members of the Cabinet and other departments, and 19 different labor groups coming from the Tripartite Industrial Peace Council and Tripartite Executive Committee.

*  *  *