Ground Floor, Forum, AXICA
Berlin, Germany
19 September 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III proudly stated the fruits of his administration’s reform efforts as he spoke during the Policy Forum organized with Koerber Stiftung and Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business in Berlin.

From the beginning of his term, he said, transparency and accountability have been brought back into the equation of governance, while public institutions were strengthened. As an example, President Aquino mentioned the government’s efforts in overhauling the Philippine budgeting process which includes the zero-based budgeting.

President Aquino also reiterated that the Philippines stands firmly in the belief that sustainable, peaceful and dignified reaolution does not lie in the displays of military power. He said that the country is taking two paths: first is to continue to promote the formulation of a binding code of conduct for the South China Sea and second, to pursue negotiation or clarify the maritime entitlements of all the countries concerned. These, he added, are embedded in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

“Observing international law strengthens a dynamic harmony among nations which could then be harnessed to uplift the lives of all. I believe that the heads of government whom I have had the honor of meeting in this trip have reaffirmed these ideas as they manifested support for the peaceful resolution of disputes in the South China Sea,” President Aquino said.

The President also mentioned that the government has empowered its agencies to give more opportunities to its people such as the Technical Education and Technical Skills Development Authority (TESDA) which spearheads the skills training and livelihood programs of the government.

To conclude his speech, President Aquino said that generations from now, his visit in Berlin can be seen as yet another turning point in the relations of the Philippines and Germany.

* * *