Tokyo, Japan
4 June 2015

President Benigno S. Aquino III was warmly welcomed by the participants of the Philippine Investment Forum held at the Hotel New Otani during the third day of his State Visit.

In his speech before the business executives, the President appreciated the Japanese people’s pursuit for perfection as seen in the discipline and innovation of their companies that can be summarized in the single word “kaizen,” which means “continuous improvement” or “change for the better.” He added that although the Philippines is not like Japan in exercising kaizen, “we have been practicing our own version of kaizen where one of our goals was to become a strong and competitive player in the global economy.”

The President also said that Japan has made its mark in the Philippines as proven by the electronics, shipbuilding and automotive industries that continue to influence the lives of many Filipinos.

He said that the IT-BPM industry has been one of the pillars of the Philippines’ economic resurgence where it employs over 1 million individuals and generates revenues of 18 billion dollars. Furthermore, he promoted the Philippines as an investment destination and invited the investors to further deepen or forge partnerships for the benefit of the majority, such as in power and infrastructure.

The President emphasized that the most important sector and most prominent resource is investing in the people. He also encouraged the empowerment of the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs)

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