Beijing, China
3 November 2014

Headed by Philippine Ambassador to China Hon. Erlinda F. Basilio, the Philippine embassy in Beijing does not only assist Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) working in China, they also embody the Philippine Government and assist in all matters critical to advance the interest of the Philippines in China, especially in building people-to-people ties and to strengthen economic partnerships between the two countries.

Part of their ongoing programs and initiatives aimed to further the people-to-people ties between Chinese and Filipinos is to showcase the unique Filipino culture and traditions through film festivals, expositions and other cultural activities. Other initiatives the embassy has been closely involved with is to encourage China to participate and invest in areas of agriculture, transport, tourism and processing, and manufacturing.

Currently, majority of Chinese investments in the country has been centered on mining operations bringing with it a total investment of US$ 125.41 million. Philippines, on the other hand, have invested over US$ 2.78 billion in China.

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