World Trade Center, Pasay City
14 April 2016

President Benigno S. Aquino III lauded the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) during its 21st anniversary celebration for their valuable contributions in promoting and assisting foreign investors in the country.

According to the President, as of December 2015, there had been 50.5% total PEZA-approved investments that equate to PhP 1.594 trillion under his term. This, he added, is not yet included in the investments recorder for 2016.

Likewise, the President recognized PEZA Director General Lilia B. de Lima’s unmatched leadership skills and drive that resulted for the PEZA to reach an overall 3.16 trillion total approved investments and generated almost 1.2 million jobs as a result.

“All of this is for the benefit of our people and our investors…everything that PEZA has done is a reflection of just how much we want you to build successful and lasting enterprise in the country,” President Aquino said.

However, the President was also quick to recognize and pacify the uncertainties among investors which has been articulated by William Pesek of Barron’s Asia who wrote, calling May 9 ”a make or break moment for the Philippines,” expressing concern about the possibility of the Philippines to lose momentum in its economic climb when the next administration assumes office.

Nevertheless, the President assured them that the Filipinos would choose the reforms he has initiated.

“Even as I continue to encourage our countrymen to recognize what is at stake, I do so with the confidence and trust that they will see the great strides we have made, whether in an agency like PEZA or in the wider economy. They will choose wisely. They will continue the great story of the Philippines — with partners like all of you here to work alongside them,” he said.

As part of PEZA’s 21st founding anniversary, several foreign companies were also recognized during the 2015 Economic Zone Performance Award. The awards include PEZA Golden Achievement Awards, Hall of Fame Awards, Outstanding Exporters, Outstanding Employees, Outstanding Community Projects, Outstanding Environment Performers, and Billionaires Awards.

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