Hotel Europe, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
24 January 2013

President Benigno S. Aquino III attended the private reception of the group Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) as part of the ongoing World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Corruption is identified as the top impediment in conducting business in 22 out of 144 economies as measured by the WEF’s global competitiveness report.

In his opening statement, President Aquino said that transparency and a level playing field remain as the top priority of his administration. He also cited solid actions of the government against unscrupulous government projects and dishonest public officials. “Change in the fight against corruption yielded positive results for the economy and this in turn yielded benefits not only to those at the top but the majority of our people,” the President said.  He added that the Philippines is under a new management by going back to basics of good governance.

The Partnering Against Corruption Initiative is a global platform allowing companies and business leaders all over the world to maximize their collective impact against corruption. PACI’s insights continue to strengthen the international legal framework and to craft innovative approaches to achieve a corruption-free global economy.

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