Bali, Indonesia 10 October 2014

President Benigno S. Aquino III expressed his gratitude for the honor given to him as co-chair of the Bali Democracy Forum VII during its opening session in Bali, Indonesia.

In his remarks, the President said that the forum provided him with an opportunity to share ideas which resonate with the Philippines own narrative as a democracy. He said that what is demonstrated in the forum is the many manifestations of people power that harnesses a united resolve towards a democratic region. He further said that a democratic state is the opposite of an authoritarian regime and that democratic state represents the people and works towards the betterment of the people while having a government that is attuned to the voice of the people.

He also said that the trials that the Philippines faced strengthened its resolve as a people and he believes that people power remains to be the absolute measure by which all democratic actions in our country are judged.

President Aquino shares in the belief that stability and cooperation are fundamental in maximizing the prospects of success brought about by democratic participation. He related that one of the most striking examples of a strong partnership is the one enjoyed by Indonesia and the Philippines. The President also emphasized the support of President Yudhoyono who has been like a big brother to the Philippines in the ever-strengthening relations between the Philippines and Indonesia.