Libingan ng mga Bayani, Taguig City
August 28, 2023

“All of us can be heroes, one way or another. We unleash the hero in us when we act genuinely for the good of another, impelled by causes and motives greater and more noble than mere personal or vainglory,” President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stressed as he recognized the heroic contributions of exemplary Filipinos who continue to drive the nation towards recovery amidst ongoing challenges.

The President made these remarks during the nation’s commemoration of the National Heroes Day at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City, where he honored the contributions of the Filipino workforce in the country’s continuous growth, noting these as ‘heroic deeds.’ These include teachers, farmers and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), among many others.

“Heroism is not only to be found in the grand battles and struggles; it also resides in the simplest acts of kindness, of empathy and solidarity that not only move hearts, but also influence minds and actions, and change lives for the better,” President Marcos Jr. conveyed.

The Chief Executive also underscored the significance of the Filipino youth’s participation in remembering the stories of courage and wisdom exemplified by heroes, as well as the war veterans, revolutionary fighters, visionary thinkers and countless patriots who have helped shape the Philippines into what it is today.

“We shall not take their heroism for granted. We will not spare ourselves of the moral duty to perpetuate the ideals that they have fought for, and to rectify the unsafe, inequitable or exceptionally difficult conditions that necessitated their selfless deeds,” President Marcos Jr. emphasized.

* * *