June 12, 2018

RTVM gives you a close look on the government’s massive rehabilitation efforts under the leadership of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to reclaim and restore back to its glory one of the country’s world-renowned tourist destination site — the Island of Boracay.

In this 30-minute documentary entitled “Naghihingalong Paraiso” (A Dying Paradise), which provides a fitting imagery on the current state of Boracay Island, we examine how this once pristine island was transformed into a wasteland in just a few decades brought about by the influx of tourists and migrant workers.

This documentary also visits how the island was stripped off of its natural resources as a result of uncontrolled commercialization, overpopulation and the absence of political will, and how the Atis (the native people of Boracay) remain impoverished and neglected despite the billions worth of revenues that the island generated.

This also formally launches the monthly documentary series to be produced, featuring updates and programs in relation to the six-month Boracay rehabilitation.


* * *