Boracay, Aklan
24 May 2015

Joint APEC Ministerial Press Conference
MRT – CEO Special Session
MRT Day 2 Session
Intw. w/ Ms. Magali Silva Velarde Alvarez
Intw. w/ Mr. Andrew Robb

23 May 2015

Intw. w/ Mr. Andres Rebolledo
Intw. w/ Mr. Tim Groser
Intw. w/ Mr. John Chen-Chung Deng
Intw. w/ Mr. Charles Abel
Opening Session of Ministers
Responsible for Trade Meeting

22 May 2015

Press Briefing by Mr. Eduardo Pedrosa
with Amb. Antonio Basilio and Amb. Tang Guoqiang
Press Briefing by
Mr. Denis Hew
Press Briefing by
Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho
Pre-MRT Press Briefing by
Sec. Greg Domingo