Hiroshima, Japan
21 June 2014

The monument stands inside the Hiroshima Peace Park as a testament of the three million students over 12 years of age that were mobilized for labor services throughout the country during the height of World War II.

Sacrificing their youth and studies in the hope that Japan will prevail in the war, ten thousand students perished as a result and this included some 7,000 killed by the atomic bomb.
Families and friends of these victims built the memorial tower to console the souls of these victims that would have had a promising future if there had been no war.
The tower is twelve meters high made of ferro-concrete that gradually widens as it rises. At the top of the tower is a sculpture that depicts the Goddess of Peace together with eight doves perched around it. On the center of the pole are lights offered to God in memory of the lives extinguished.