Metrotent, Pasig City
October 16, 2023

“Considering our continued dependence on imported fuels and the volatility of oil products in the world market, it is only sensible that we encourage the shift to electric vehicles. We not only get savings in fuel and gas, but also significantly lessen our greenhouse gas emissions and champion sustainability in our day-to-day activities,” underscored President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. in his keynote address during the launching of Dongfeng Motors in the Philippines.

Dongfeng Motors Inc., one of China’s largest automobile groups, has partnered with the Filipino-owned corporation Legado Motors Inc. to officially introduce the brand’s electric vehicles (EVs) in the country. Their aim is to transform the way Filipinos travel, especially amid rising fuel costs, and make a significant impact on the environment and the economy.

“It is important to note that the promotion of the use of electric vehicles is among the measures of the government to uphold our country’s commitment under the Paris Agreement… We pledged to a projected greenhouse gas emissions reduction and avoidance of 75 percent for 2020 to 2030 in agriculture, wastes, industry, transport, and energy,” said the President, adding that the transportation sector is the largest source of energy-related greenhouse gas emission in the Philippines.

In fulfillment of the pledge made under the said Agreement, he emphasized the government’s thrust to increase the adoption of EVs in the country, starting with the gradual transition of public transportation to electric vehicles through the Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Modernization Program. As of date, nearly 400 electric PUVs are plying 29 routes nationwide.

“It’s my firm belief that these endeavors will not only gain momentum but also wider adoption moving forward, as our people realize the benefits of these vehicles in their communities,” the Chief Executive conveyed, enjoining the public to support the programs and policies of the government, as well as to opt for alternative or renewable sources of energy.

He also urged the private sector to participate in making the Philippines a part of the global EV industry by investing in the country’s manufacturing facilities.

“Strive with us as we generate more employment opportunities, enrich our people’s quality of life, and fostering more environmentally-friendly communities… Let us harmonize all our efforts, as I am confident that we will win the race for a more sustainable and energy-secure future,” President Marcos Jr. concluded in his message.

*  *  *