Langkawi, Malaysia
24 April 2015

Langkawi, an island tucked in Malaysia’s northern coast, is known among the locals as the “Isle of Legend” because of its enchanting folklore and legends passed down as oral traditions from the first settlers way back centuries ago.

Surrounded by turquoise waters and white sand beaches, the archipelago has 99 scenic islands that could reach up to 104 islands during low-tide. The powdery white sand outlining the coastline has attracted local and foreign tourists alike to bask under the hot sun, explore the islands and enjoy all sorts of featured water sports.

Palau, Langkawi is the main and the largest island about the size of Singapore. It boasts of different attractions and hotel accommodations, and is considered as the most developed island in Langkawi with all sorts of featured entertainment activities, restaurants, bars and spas.

After Palau, there’s Kuah, the capital town of Langkawi. This is where offices and a shopping complex are found, and is considered as the highly populated town of the island. Outside the urbanized town of Kuah and Palau, lies the unspoilt region of the island which very much maintains the rustic Malay countryside of rice paddies and diverse mountainous rainforests.

With its islands scattered in the Andaman Sea that emerges to the Straits of Malacca, the islands of Langkawi have been the place of refuge for pirates and buccaneers back in the time of Captain Kidd, and is still a favourite stop of trading ships today. The Malaysian government even bestowed the duty-free status to Langkawi Island in 1987.

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