Basa Air Base, Floridablanca, Pampanga
November 08, 2022

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. asserted the government’s commitment in strengthening the country’s defense systems towards peace and security as he welcomed the new land and air assets acquired by the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

Accompanied by officials and officers from the Department of National Defense (DND), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Philippine Army (PA), Philippine Navy (PN) and PAF, the Commander-in-Chief led the pouring of champagne on the Ground-Based Air Defense Systems and C-295 Medium Lift Aircraft during its joint acceptance, turnover and blessing ceremony at the Basa Airbase in Floridablanca, Pampanga.

“Truly, while we strive to live in peace with others, it is still crucial that our Armed Forces be modernized so that it is ready for all eventualities. It is for this reason that we strengthen our country’s capabilities in territorial defense, counter-terrorism and internal security,” President Marcos Jr. remarked as he called on the PAF personnel to continue exercising their duties and responsibilities to the nation.

Likewise, he also expressed his gratitude to the governments of Israel and Spain for helping the Philippines safeguard its sovereignty by bolstering the country’s defense systems.

“I believe that this is a clear testament of our strong defense relations — one that is rooted in our shared humanity and understanding of the fundamental need to provide and secure the peace we desire for our citizens,” President Marcos Jr. said.

According to the PAF, the Ground-Based Air Defense Systems will be used to enhance the country’s air defense posture towards a credible and agile Air Force that is responsive to national security and development.

On the other hand, the C-295 Medium Lift Aircraft is capable of performing a variety of missions such as troop and cargo transports, surveillance and medical evacuation, among others.

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