Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
November 5, 2016

Back in the old days, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman (sometimes called as Jalan TAR), was Kuala Lumpur’s main trading center until modern shopping complexes took over the metropolis.

Like the Philippines’ Vigan City in the northern part of the country, Jalan TAR has a road stretch of pre-war buildings with facades that have been preserved and refurbished to cater to modern retail stores. Here, tourists will have a combination of both shopping and cultural experiences as they saunter through the archways of shops that go back to generations.

The stores in Jalan TAR offer a wide range of imported leather goods like bags and luggage, carpets, winter clothing, sporting goods, fabrics and textiles. Others sell silver collections and crystal ware. Every Saturday between 5:00–10:00 pm, the place closes to traffic and transforms into “Pasar Malam” or a night market, where petty traders fan out an assortment of goods. Jalan TAR promises to be a good place to buy casual clothes, local products and other delicacies.

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