November 15, 2023

“Having a presence here, having a Philippine pavilion like this would be the right step in the right direction to really let them know that we are growing. Our FinTech industry is really growing,” emphasizes Embassy of the Philippines to Singapore Trade Attaché Carla Grepo, conveying the importance of the participation of the Philippines in the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2023 to introduce the country as an investment hub.

In an interview, Trade Attaché Grepo affirms that the SFF can provide the Philippines with a platform to further showcase the many opportunities it can offer to potential investors amidst the positivie economic performace of the country in the recent years.

“There’s a lot of interest from Singapore investors. They are very encouraged with our recent economic reforms and how the President and his economic team and the investment promotions team are really going country to country to tell the world that the Philippines is open for business,” she says.

“Bringing our fintech startups here to really interface with other founders, venture capitals, private equities, is an opportunity that should not be missed,” the Trade Attaché continues.

Moreover, she underscores the strengthening of trade relations between the Philippines and Singapore, with the latter continuing to be one of the top sources of foreign direct investments. She adds that this is a strong a testament of confidence from the Singapore investment community toward the thriving business environment in the Philippines.

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