August 31, 2018

Oscar Villaluz and his wife Ging Ging have been staying in Israel for 22 years. They started working as caregivers, the most common profession of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Israel. To date, they are already managing their own jewelry shop in Jerusalem.

Oscar and Ging Ging have three children: 20-year old Dinos who is now one of the Givati fighters serving the Israel Defense Forces (IDF); 15-year old Mary Kate; and nine-year old Ashley Gail.

In the interview, Ging Ging discloses that their lives in Israel were not a walk in the park as they suffered job losses that provided their only sources of income. Now that they own their business, aside from Oscar’s present job in a travel agency, they are attributing their family’s progress to the service that the Philippine Embassy in Israel is giving to the Filipinos, and the commendable labor conditions in the State.

According to H.E. Nathaniel Imperial, Philippine Ambassador to Israel, the labor conditions in the State are some of the best in the region as workers receive a high minimum wage, have the right to worship and practice their faith, and are given days off in a week.

* * *