Sydney, Australia
20 October 2012


Mr. Edd Aragon is a caricaturist and illustrator, and currently works as a senior artist for the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), one of Sydney’s leading newspapers. Over the last 30 years, his illustrations and caricatures have been featured regularly in leading Sydney newspapers, international magazines and books. Mr. Aragon’s illustrations in the SMH appear in the opinion editorial page every Thursday (column by Miranda Devine), and the Attitude Weekend sports section (column by Richard Hind), in the paper’s print and online versions. Many of his original illustrations have been purchased by collectors and his illustrations have also been used as reference by students and researchers. Mr. Aragon has been awarded four times as a symbolic illustrator and caricaturist at the Australian Black and White Artists Awards. His vision is to enhance the talents of young Filipinos who are also into arts, and motivate them to use their skills in the development of our country.

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