Auckland, New Zealand
19 October 2012 

Oscar Batucan answers the call for a true Servant Leader.  He relentlessly promotes community service.  He has a reputation of a good communicator, a team builder, idea generator and problem solver.  He is a  person of professional and personal integrity.
Highlights of his work and community service include:

  • Senior Executive Officer, Department Social Welfare NZ
  • District Manager Inland Revenue Department NZ
  • Case Manager, Ministry of Social Development NZ
  • Justice of the Peace since 1994
  • Project Development Manager
  • Job placement Employment and Business Consultancy – Education and Enterprise
  • Radio Host – Filipinas Mabuhay Community Radio Program
  • Involvement in youth development and migrant advocacy
  • Recipient of an award from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, the Benemerenti Medal

Miriam Batucan has a passion for service.  Her warmth and caring attitude gives way to her drive in providing pastoral care and outreach to others.  Commitment and dedication is at the heart of everything she does.

  • Founding Chairman of the NZ-Filipino Sto Nino Devotees Trust
  • Prime mover of Sinulog NZ activities since 1994
  • An Accountant by profession
  • Has worked with multinational companies in New Zealand for the past 26 years
  • Recipient of an Award from Pope Benedict XVI, the Benemerenti Medal
  • Recipient of an award in Clinical Pastoral Education
  • Very much involved in Pastoral care to Filipinos and non-Filipinos in various communities especially among young people, couples and families.
  • Lead person in various religious and community-oriented activities for Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike
  • Radio host – Filipinas Mabuhay Community Radio Program