November 17, 2023

“I think we have been successful in our objective in terms of showcasing the Philippines as Asia’s digital hotspot, enticing more investors to come in to the Philippines… We are very positive about the future of finance in the Philippines we have a thriving digital landscape or FinTech landscape in the country,” FinTech Alliance.PH Founding Chairman Lito Villanueva stresses as the Philippines wraps up its participation to the Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) 2023 from 15-17 November.

With the opening of the ‘Bagong Pilipinas: The Philippines Country Pavilion,’ FinTech Alliance.PH Chairman Villanueva says that the productive outcomes during the festival primarily focuses on establishing partnerships with financial technology sectors from across the region, underscoring the endless opportunities that the country can offer when it comes to these matters.

“This is the whole proposition is on us to be able to leverage on the exchange of ideas, as well as amongst other FinTech associations in critical parts or key areas or key emerging and developed markets in the whole of Asia,” he conveys.

“We are very thankful to President Marcos Jr. for championing the massive digitalization of the Philippines and the private sector is very much engaged in terms of us being able to support that objective of the current Administration,” Chairman Villanueva continues.

Further, the FinTech Alliance.PH Founding Chairman expresses optimism that this is the start of the many cooperation between the private sector and government in terms of strengthening the financial sector and other related areas for the benefit of all Filipinos worldwide.

The SFF 2023 is a global event that convened leaders and experts from the sectors of finance, technology and public policy. Around 500 exhibitors from 134 countries gathered to discuss the latest trends, challenges and opportunities in the field of financial technology.

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